Universal Digital Marketing Platform

End-to-end solutions for a business to become an eBusiness.

The digital marketing competence center is divided in three divisions:

Mobile applications:

Gam Consult delivers enterprise mobile application that:

  • Provides extension of the core enterprise applications
  • Provides offline functionalities able to use devices capabilities (geo localization, geo fancing, picture,…)
  • Provides mobile content enablement (search, access to archives, access to ECM,…)
  • Provides mobile capture

We base our development on pragmatic assets:

  • Cross platform framework: iOS, android, BB, Windows
  • Integration with the internal enterprise applications using web services/SOA
  • Native, hybrid of HTML5 mobile apps
  • Rapid application delivery thanks to IBM worklight

Active Content:

Beyond the CMS (classical web content management solution), Gam Consult provides a complete solution for companies to collaborate on the elaboration of the content in a controlled way and to automate the publishing towards social networks and mobile apps:

  • Dynamic Web Site Management with collaborative content
  • Social Network integration
  • eMagazines
  • eActions
  • SEO
  • statistics with dashboards

Online business:

For B2C or B2B (enterprise services, suppliers,…), Gam Consult provides a solution to rapidly publish an eCatalog and enable all eCommerce facets:

  • Online catalog
  • advertising & banner
  • eCommerce (orders, wish list, account management,…
  • Easy integration with the ERP and the company process (articles, stocks, orders,…)

Gam Consult has certified experts in WebSphere, Cognos and provides its own solution called UDMP (Universal Digital Marketing Platform).