Enterprise Content Management

From business analysis to implementation with change management consulting

For most companies, unstructured content is the last unmanaged area in the IT landscape.
File systems are managed by the end users without any governed structure. Mailboxes are used as personal content repository, key information is exchanged through email or public tools like dropbox. Content based actions and process are difficult to follow-up. At the end, it results in operational inefficiency which causes lost.

The Content and Process Challenge is:

  • Making Better Decisions, Faster
  • Improving efficiency in getting the right trusted content in context
  • Being able to follow efficiently the actions and process related to content


  • Unstructured content is 85% of your information and growing 200% annually
  • People & applications need to access content in context “anywhere”
  • Content is in many formats and in multiple repositories
  • Managers take 50% of the decision based on incorrect information
  • Employees use 40 to 60% of their time searching for the correct information
  • Managers use 40% of their time getting the follow-up on ad-hoc activities related to unstructured content

Managing unstructured content can bring 10 to 15% operational cost improvement, improve efficiency and mitigate the risk of knowledge lost.

(*sources: Deloitte, AIIM, Gartner)

Gam Consult Enterprise Content Management Competence Center provides full-range projects services from business analysis to implementation with change management consulting.

Thanks to our strong partnership with IBM, we have a complete coverage of the whole stages of the information lifecycle:

  • Document capture, recognition and archiving
  • Document Management
  • Records Management & Legal Archiving
  • Business Process Management
  • Email Management
  • Advanced case management

Gam Consult has certified experts on the following solutions:

  • IBM FileNet P8 (both Content Management and case foundation/BPM)
  • IBM Content Manager (known as CM8)
  • IBM Datacap
  • IBM Case Manager
  • IBM Content Collector for email
  • IBM Content Collector for SAP
  • IBM Content Navigator