Enterprise Collaboration

Technology makes solutions, people makes the difference, people collaborating together makes a huge difference

Bringing new workers on board, getting core business knowledge under control, minimizing the operational cost, keeping a competitive advantage thanks to innovation or delivery excellence…these are challenges of companies in the 2.0 world.

Gam Consult is convinced that informal and unstructured information such as expertise, knowledge, idea coming from human activities can be managed in a way that companies can gain efficiency, productivity and minimize the risk of knowledge lost which will cause money lost.

Gam Consult Collaboration competence center provides solution to embrace companies’ integration, productivity, knowledge sharing and innovation thanks to collaboration and enterprise social networks:

  • Find the experience and the competence in the company: Profiling and experts finding
  • Share the knowledge: enterprise wiki and blogs
  • Share the content: collaborative content management
  • Collaborate: communities, team space, shared activities
  • Improve communication and awareness: home page with status and notifications
  • Embrace innovation: ideation blog, innovation forum,…

Gam Consult has certified experts on the following solutions:

  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Connections Content Edition (integrated with FileNet or Content Manager)