Enterprise Application & Architecture

The EAA (Enterprise Application & Architecture) competence center managers are convinced that:

  • Maintenance of old application can rapidly come to big cost especially in the case where there’s a lot of direct cross application integration
  • New generation workers (“digital natives”) are used to be more efficient working with new technology facilities
  • Companies becomes more agile delivering values to their customers, if they use and benefits from the innovation and the solution provided by the latest best-in-class technologies and services available
  • Last but not least, Maintenance of core data across applications with old-fashion data management and application can rapidly become a headache.

Based on these principles, the mission statement of the EAA competence center is supporting our partners and customers using and moving to the latest best-in-class technologies to get competitive advantage on their market and reduce their IT maintenance cost.

There are three area covered by our team:

  • New Enterprise architecture implementation: Enterprise Service Bus, Service Oriented architecture and Event driven applications are the foundation of a strong application infrastructure.
  • Master Data Management: centralizing core data, defining the rules and automation of the data cleaning are the foundation for a solid data infrastructure
  • Application migration or new application implementation based on the new application and data infrastructure: using the latest best-in-class technologies, our team builds reliable and cost effective maintenance applications thanks to easier integration and components/services building blocks. Refurbished application benefits from the latest technologies to give more value to the business (web 2.0, mobile enablement,…)

Gam Consult relies on the IBM WebSphere and Rational technologies or the Microsoft BizTalk Server and Visual Studio technologies to achieve these projects.