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Become a GAMer

We are continously looking for new experts to join Gam Consult. Follow this link to access all our open positions.

Our human resource management policy is based on four great values:

The empowerment of employees,
The career development,
The acknowledgment of the work performed,
The respect for the people who constitute the company and our environment.

As a dynamic growing company, Gam Consult offers its consultants the opportunity to participate on major projects and missions with high added value to their evolution. Gam Consult’s development and our HR policy of growth offer everyone the possibility to grow within our company in leadership roles like project management, functional and technical expertise or mentoring.

The best guarantee of satisfaction of our consultants is our desire to give everyone the conditions of evolution and success:

A close management for each consultant that allows personalized evolution and make him participate in Gam Consult development
Strong team relationship built through regular events enhancing team dynamics and networking.
Easy access to managers and partners, to ensure that consultants can understand and participate in the evolution of the company.

Finally, the remuneration policy is able to bring to everyone the proof of the recognition of their achievement, using three essential elements:

One of the most attractive salary package in Luxembourg, Belgium and France,
Personalized and motivating annual adjustment,
A reward plan for each action within the meaning of development.

If you want to join Gam Consult, just send your resume to our Human Resources Department