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Doing IT differently !

Gam Consult has been created in 2002 with the vision of providing the best technical expertise in the field of application development for mainstream technologies. Thanks to a strong partnership mindset, Gam Consult worked in association with major companies providing global projects where Gam Consult was involved on the application development layer.

From 2008, the vision and the strategy moved to a different mission statement evolving from pure development to integration, application architecture and business solution provider. This change was motivated by both customers and Gam maturity growth.

Gam Consult is strongly convinced that companies can improve their operational cost and efficiency by better managing their unstructured content, enabling collaboration, sharing the knowledge and using the latest technologies available to enable innovation and create new business opportunity.

Since 2011, Gam Consult is focused on providing Enterprise Content Management solutions, Enterprise collaboration and helping customers to use in the more pragmatic way the latest application architecture and technologies to embrace their business efficiency.

Gam Consult is a private-held company operating worldwide.